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Jan de Swart Viking Chair.  Hand-carved form, black walnut and patinated steel


Jan de Swart was one of the leaders in the Mid Century Modern movement in Art, Design and “Modern Living” that took place in Los Angeles.

The work of Jan de Swart, in its unique interrelationship of art, applied science, and the newest technologies of the mid 20th century, is one of the most fully evolved expressions of modernist aesthetics. De Swart is primarily known for his accomplishments in architectural applications, sculpture and sculptural furniture. His primary mediums were wood, bronze, aluminum, plastics and cast stone. Jan de Swart’s passion for pure research in design, his genius for translating these basic ideas into three dimensional forms, his adventuresome approach working with new materials (he was one of the first artists to cast aluminum and to work in the then-new material of plastic) helped him to be recognized in the post-war era as a truly significant artist of the Modernist movement.


  • Dimensions

    44.75 × 20.75 × 88.5 in

  • Condition

    Very Good

  • Material


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